contrast between emma and mr.knightley characters.

plz give me the note on contrast of both these characters.or u can also say that relationship between emma and mr.knightley

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Emma Woodhouse is immediately described as “handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition.” She's only 20, but she is mature for her age, and she has also been the head of the household and caregiver for her father. Emma is also a busy body; she spends an enormous amount of time matchmaking the people around her and neglecting her own personal life. This tends to get in her into trouble, especially after she starts missing signs and making mistakes.

Emma’s brother-in-law, is a trusted advisor. He isn't flighty, is respected (as is Emma) and is also a landowner. In his 30's, Knightly has no problem criticizing his sister-in-law. He openly points out her flaws and genuinely cares for her as family.