Emily Dickinson's Collected Poems

Name two of Dickinson poems that deal with or have Metaphors

look at her poems

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Emily Dickinson used comparison with great originality. She mixed similes and metaphors superbly in such poems as " A Book," "Indian Summer," and "A Cemetery." (Find the metaphors) One of the Poems in her group ("A Book") illustrates another device -Of poetry: association - a connection of ideas. The first two lines of "A Book" compare poetry to a ship; the next two to a horse. But Emily Dickinson thought that the words "ship" and "horse" were too commonplace. The ship became a "frigate," a beautiful full-sailed vessel of romance; and the everyday "horse," the plodding beast of the field and puller of wagons, became instead a "courser," a swift and spirited steed, an adventurous creature whose hoofs beat out a brisk rhythm, "prancing" - like a page of inspired poetry. In "Indian Summer" consider these lines, "Oh, fraud that cannot cheat the bee....or And softly through the altered air Hurries a timid leaf!