Emily Dickinson's Collected Poems

Part Four: Time and Eternity 60. I had no cause to be awake


I had no cause to be awake,

My best was gone to sleep,

And morn a new politeness took,

And failed to wake them up,

But called the others clear,

And passed their curtains by.

Sweet morning, when I over-sleep,

Knock, recollect, for me!

I looked at sunrise once,

And then I looked at them,

And wishfulness in me arose

For circumstance the same.

'T was such an ample peace,

It could not hold a sigh, --

'T was Sabbath with the bells divorced,

'T was sunset all the day.

So choosing but a gown

And taking but a prayer,

The only raiment I should need,

I struggled, and was there.