Einstein's Dreams

I need help on an research essay! Please do one about Albert Einstein! Even if you don't do an essay, please give ideas, or a way that can help me write it.

Write a biography about a person you have studied in school, like Albert Einstein. Einstein, for example, was responsible for formulating the famous equation E = mc2. Your essay should include the key facts about the person’s life. Focus your essay on what accomplishments made this person famous. Conclude your essay with your own opinion about the person’s role in history.


Write your essay in a separate document. When you finish, be sure to check your spelling and save your document.

Write a 6 paragraphed essay.

1. Clearly stated thesis
2. Facts and details to support each main point
3. Accurate, complete citations identifying sources
4. Information presented in logical order, emphasizing details of central importance
5. Clear conclusions
6. Information gathered from a variety of sources
7. Overall fluency
8. Few mechanical errors


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I'm sorry, this is a short-answer literature forum. We are unable to assist students with essays or other writing assignments.

Thats not true. It is a long response!!! AND you have a writing help section. I'm asking for guidance on what each paragraph should be about.