East of Eden

What are some of Cathy's Psychological Characteristics in East of Eden

I need to know what some of her Psychological Characteristics are so I can expand on them in a project for English

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The most evil character in the novel, Cathy (who is referred to as "Kate" in the second half of the novel) has no conscience whatsoever. A direct representation of Satan himself, Cathy lacks an essential human quality. After murdering her parents by setting fire to their home, she becomes a prostitute and the mistress of Mr. Edwards.

Adam Trask rescues Cathy when Edwards leaves her for dead, but after giving birth to twin sons, Cal and Aron, she shoots Adam when he attempts to stop her from leaving. She takes a job as a prostitute and poisons the brothel-owner, Faye, in an effort to take over the business. She gives her whores drugs, encourages sadomasochistic sexual practices, and blackmails her customers. Late in life, she commits suicide after meeting her son, Aron.