How is Mrs Mooney's character shown in The boarding House of dubliners ?

How is Mrs Mooney's character shown???

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Mrs. Mooney is a tough woman. Separated from her drunken husband she runs a boarding house on her own. She is strict with her own life as well as her boarders and her daughter Polly. She isn't a completely sympathetic character. While seemingly worried to have her daughter marry "well", we get the sense that she really just wants to rid herself of Polly. Mrs. Mooney thus can be seen as a manipulative character.

mrs.mooney's character is harsh and hard by both her outer and inner appearance.however she being the master of the house takes the chance of the society's conventional theoroms and leads mr.doran by the nose.being the butcher's daughter her thoughts were subtle and cleaver and she did what she wanted to do. at the same time she played with her daughter's marriage and her character reflects the general idea of the dublin society on "marriage". joyce has took the chace to satire the conventional dublin society using mrs.mooney's manipulative character who cunningly takes advantages of the conventional theoroms.