Dream Psychology Psychoanalysis for Beginners

I am unemployed; indigent; and with no degree- and lately I have experienced (3) different deja-vu's -is this due to poverty?

Since, I am unable to afford anything; I am not able to travel. One of my dream states for deja-vu ocurred when I was viewing middle eastern tape of

fighting in Syria or Turkey; somewhere in the middle east. The dream is as follows: I am in the middle east and a tall, athletic white male with a white shirt has bullets criss - crossed over his front and back and of course as I am running away from this male I jump quickly to the right and sit on the floor 4'

away from the door-back against the wall and the doorway has no door. I have mid length hair, pants and a white shirt as I am waiting for this man to pass I know he isn't and I am full of anxiety because he is chasing me with an automatic weapon and this male slowly turns into the door and shoots me (5) times; I look down and there is no blood. But I could feel the weight of the bullets in my chest. What type of dream is this?

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I have no answer.