Chapter 15

Why doesn't Van Helsing feel compelled to finish the job at that time?

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Although he wants to kill her now, he thinks it is best that Arthur learn of what has happened. He will use garlic and crucifix to keep Lucy in her tomb. After a night's sleep, Seward begins to doubt Van Helsing again. That day, Van Helsing tells Quincey and Arthur that they most go to the Westenra vault and open Lucy's tomb. He tells them that Lucy is now undead, and that he will have to decapitate her. Arthur is initially outraged, and refuses consent, but after an impassioned plea for trust from Van Helsing, he agrees to at least go to the tomb.



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Van Helsing wants to make sure that Arthur understands the situation and the reasons why Lucy's dead body must be decapitated before he takes care of it.