Chapter 12

In the paragraph on pg. 140 that begins with the words "Ten days" and ends with the question "Who took it out?", what does the "it" refer to?

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As I've already answered the text reads;

"Ten days! Then I guess, Jack Seward, that that poor pretty creature that we all love has had put into her veins within that time the blood of four strong men. Man alive, her whole body wouldn't hold it." Then coming close to me, he spoke in a fierce half-whisper. "What took it out?"

What was taken "out" was the blood they'd put back into Lucy's veins....... what took it? Dracula. The "it" refers to Dracula.


Dracula/ Chapter 12

Dracula took the blood from Lucy's veins...... they are talking about the transfusions given to Lucy by the other men to keep her alive.

What took it out refers to why she has lost blood, "it" is her blood............. four men have given their blood in transfusions, and yet she is dying......... "it" is the bblood they have given her.