Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

what do we learn from Lanyons account? from jekyll document? how had this self-divisions originated? what had caused him to take pleasure in a divided self?

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Lanyon’s account simply details the supernatural transformation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. We get a firsthand description of the vials in Jekyll's drawer. Lanyon is actually the only man to witness the actual transformation take place. What is more peculiar about Lanyon's account is what he does not say. We never learn about the particulars of the experiment nor what Mr. Hyde's facial appearance was. Lanyon internalizes all this and, in the end, makes himself sick. Jekyll’s document paints a picture of his interest in the duality of personality. After years of work, Jekyll eventually created a chemical solution that would allow him to complete his work. Jekyll purchased a large quantity of salt for his final ingredient, and resolved to drink the concoction, knowing full well that he was putting his life in danger. The drink caused him pain and nausea, but as these feelings passed. Jekyll took pleasure in what he had become. Mr. Hyde allowed him to indulge in the behaviour that was deemed repugnant in the very rigid Victorian society. He could, with wild abandon, participate in an orgy of despicable deeds and emotions that he had to keep locked away as Dr. Jekyll.