Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

What did Layton do with the locksmith?

Chapter 9

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According to Jekyll's instructions, Lanyon was to meet the locksmith at his home, and the two men were then to proceed to force (unlock) the door to his cabinet.

"I want you to postpone all other engagements for to-night--
ay, even if you were summoned to the bedside of an emperor; to
take a cab, unless your carriage should be actually at the door;
and with this letter in your hand for consultation, to drive
straight to my house. Poole, my butler, has his orders; you will
find him waiting your arrival with a locksmith. The door of my
cabinet is then to be forced: and you are to go in alone; to open
the glazed press (letter E) on the left hand, breaking the lock if
it be shut; and to draw out, with all its contents as they stand,
the fourth drawer from the top or (which is the same thing) the
third from the bottom.


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde