Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Scary details in the last night chapter 8

Scary details

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Utterson is sitting at home by his fireplace when Poole, Jekyll's butler, calls on him. Poole appears quite distraught, and Utterson offers him a glass of wine to calm his nerves. Poole accepts, although he leaves the wine untouched. Poole reveals that he has come to Utterson in desperation. He is severely concerned about Dr. Jekyll's well being, as the man has been locked in his cabinet for weeks and allows no one to see him. Poole admits that he believes there has been "foul play", but refuses to go into specifics.

Utterson and Poole approach Jekyll's cabinet door in the laboratory, and Poole announces that Utterson is asking to see Dr. Jekyll. A voice that does not sound like Jekyll calls out to say that he will not see anyone. Poole returns to where Utterson was hiding and asks if the voice sounded like Jekyll. Utterson agrees that, "It seems much changed." Utterson begins to grow afraid as Poole explains that in twenty years of working for Jekyll, he has come to know his voice. In his heart, Poole knows that is not Jekyll's voice, and tells Utterson that eight days ago, he heard Jekyll cry out in agony. Poole believes his master was murdered, and that the culprit, "a thing only known to heaven," has been hiding in Jekyll's cabinet ever since, pretending to be the master of the house.

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