Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

points on Dr jekyll and Macbeth being good as well as being evil and quotes with language feature analysis

i have a few points about macbeth being loyal n jekyll being charitable but i need other points that potray theire goodness and some on their evil ambitious side :)

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"This Master Hyde, if he were studied," thought he, "must have secrets of his own; black secrets, by the look of him; secrets compared to which poor Jekyll's worst would be like sunshine."

Dr Jekyll isn't really evil...... that would be Mr. Hyde, but that is a quote pertaining to his goodness in comparison with Mr. Hyde.

Loyalty in Macbeth

“Till he faced the slave; which ne’er shook hands, nor bade him farewell to him, till he unseamed him from the nave to th’ chops, and fixed his head upon our battlements.” (I.ii.9)

“Let not light see my black and deep desires: the eye wink at the hand yet let that be which the eye fears, when it is done to see.” (I.iiii.29)


"that but this blow Might be the be-all and the end-all—here,

But here, upon this bank and shoal of time, We'ld jump the life to come"


Macbeth/ Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde