Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Need Help-Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde!

I have a project due Friday and the problem is this. "This novel is often cited as the precursor of the detective novel. Utterson sets out to discover the truth about the relationship between Hyde & Jekyll despite his principle of not probing into the lives of other persons. Now that you have read the whole story, go back to see what hypotheses or generalizations Utterson makes nad how he goes about checking the accuracy of his theory."

Please help me. I have NO clue where to even start!

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Well Sam, I'm glad you asked what to do because I have the answer!

Read the book, not spark notes!

Well, Autumn! I appreciate you replying back on here but you didn't read the book either so you are in the same boat. Thanks for being a friend, but this isn't like facebook, you don't have to comment on everything I post!!! l0l! I wanted someone who actually knew who they were talking about to help me, so honey, that excludes you! haha!

Love you girl!

Ya I dont really understand it either and so I would just keep reading the chapters that Mr, Utterson first started to get suspicios of the 2 of them.

ive read the book well bits and i really dnt get it if any of you do then let no plz