Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Is Mr Enfield to be trusted, judging by his statement. help ASAP

Hello, I have homework to do and I have been strugling, basically I need to write a character reference about Mr enfield stating whether he is to be trusted or not. Please help ASAP.

What I have so far:

Mr Enfield’s character reference

Dear Sir,

I can confirm that I have known Mr Enfield for about 3 years.

What I think of him

When I got to know him, he was completely different to what I have inferred – I have worked with him enough to find him to be a very hard-working colleague and a good person to talk to. He is highly organised and I have always been very impressed with the way that he has approached work. When I asked him about his relationship to Mr Utterson, he wouldn’t tell me. However, I have found out that the two men are cousins. Utterson is a very serious man with high morals. He works as a lawyer, has a number of close and trusted friends, and is loyal above all else. Enfield, like Utterson, is a gentleman, who places tremendous importance on morality. Unlike Utterson, he fails to have any curiosity in regard to actions of Mr. Hyde. In my opinion, Mr Enfield is to be trusted, but keep in mind that he is a very closed person and has a lot of things that he knows but he simply just wont tell us. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact me for more details. Yours faithfully, Mr Cottage

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Yes, Utterson has no reason not to trust Enfield. 


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde