Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

In the strange case of jekyll and hyde, how is hyde presented in jekyll need 4 different points Thank You

what in hyde resembles jekyll which links the two together or anything in the book that links them together like their similar handwriting, the door, secrecy etc.

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It is important to remember that they are physically the same person. Although Hyde is a twisted version of Jekyll I always thought there must be some physical similarities. Still, they are not really mentioned in the story. Yes there is the similar handwriting. With a friend Utterson compares the writing on Mr Hyde’s supposed letter with Jekyll’s handwriting; they are similar. THere is also the coincidence that Jekyll and Hyde are never physically seen together. When Hyde disappears for a time, Jekyll begins to show up at all the dinner parties. Also Jekyll’s will initially specified Hyde as his heir. Utterson stakes out the door to Jekyll's lab where Hyde always seems to show up. Also when Utterson mentions to Jekyll his new interest in Mr. Hyde, Jekyll gets all scared and pale; he begs Utterson to talk about something else.

Thanks for the answer i got my 4 points.

They are never seen together

The guest notices similar handwriting of the two

Hyde comes out with the cheque of dr jekyll when he tramples over the girl

jekyll gets pale when utterson talks about hyde

Also as another point would talking about the door of hyde be valid that its liked to jekyll mansion and that shows that the two are linked together. jekyll house is all big and fancy whereas hydes house is very dull and old but both houses are connected as one lik jekyll and hyde being the same person.

That works too!