Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

hyde cannot control his anger, find example of this in the story

anger managment

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When Hyde bumps into the little girl at the beginning of the story. He scolds her and scares her.

Mr. Enfield recounts the story of what he saw to Mr. Utterson,

Well, sir, the two ran into one another naturally enough at the corner; and then came the horrible part of the thing; for the man trampled calmly over the child's body and left her screaming on the ground. It sounds nothing to hear, but it was hellish to see. It wasn't like a man; it was like some damned Juggernaut. I gave a few halloa, took to my heels, collared my gentleman, and brought him back to where there was already quite a group about the screaming child. He was perfectly cool and made no resistance, but gave me one look, so ugly that it brought out the sweat on me like running.

Here is another incident from Chapter 4,

She watches as he meets another, smaller man, whom she recognizes as Mr. Hyde. Suddenly, Mr. Hyde brakes out in anger and attacks the white haired man, beating him to death with a cane. The maid faints upon witnessing such horror. When she awakes a few hours later, she immediately calls the police, who find the victim's body.