Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

how will Dr. Jekyll character and presence affect the story?

and thankyou so much aslan with helping me with the other question it really helped a lot!!! :) this question kinda goes with the first one

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Hey, it's my pleasure. This is a great story. Dr. Jekyll is a mild mannered "good" guy. If anything, the narrator suggests that he lacks assertiveness. That would be because he purged all his "bad" side into Mr. Hyde. Each man highlights the extreme in the other. While Jekyll's personality is rather bland inconsequential, Hyde is full of rage, mystery and darkness. Of course Jekyll is the last person anybody would think as connected to Hyde's dirty deeds but I suppose that is the point!

ok im kinda confused know :/ sorry

What are you confused about?

to get it clear mr utterson its not a bad guy right? and what is lacks assertiveness..So how his presence will affect the story and im sorry im kinda slow i dont speak english that well and its hard for me to understand this book :(

No Utterson is not the bad guy. He is simply a lawyer that gives information to the narrator about Mr.Hyde. By assertiveness I mean Dr. Jekyll does not have much of a personality. He does not seem to get excited nor does he get angry. He is really kind of boring. He represents the upper class Victorian male. The author (Stevenson) makes Jekyll boring on purpose. This is because his evil twin (remember he takes the potion and turns all evil) Mr. Hyde does all the exciting bad stuff. My point is that by being a dull character, nobody suspects Jekyll of being the nasty Mr. Hyde. They are the same person. The "good" guy is Dr. Jekyll and his potion makes him turn into the evil Mr. Hyde at night. Dr. Jekyll's presence throws the reader off on who Mr. Hyde might be. I hope that is a little clearer for you.

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