Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

how has doctor Lanyon changed?

in chapter 6 ,Remarkable Incident of Dr. Lanyon how does Dr. Lanyon change

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Jekyll's behavior is becoming increasingly suspicious and mysterious, and Utterson cannot logically determine its cause. Moreover, his friend Lanyon who had been friendly with Jekyll only a few days before refuses to speak of the man and claims he has suffered a deathly shock. Lanyon had previously acted as a pillar of reason, who clung to powerful principles and dismissed Jekyll's scientific theories as "balderdash." However, he now claims to have witnessed a shock so great that it will cause his demise. Apparently, Lanyon has been shaken to the core, and perhaps his belief in logic and sound science has been proven wrong. In this chapter, mystery and the supernatural begin to take over. As Lanyon passes away, and Jekyll admits serious although vague wrongdoing, Utterson's world begins to tumble out of control.