Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

How does Stevenson produced tension and mystry In Dr jekell

How does Stevenson produced tension and mystry In Dr jekellof Mr

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He starts by making the reader believe that Jekyll and Hyde are two different people. After the reader finally realizes that they are one and the same, it makes no matter that the actual characters in the story haven't yet realized it themselves.

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"But for all the hurry of his coming, these were not the dews of exertion that he wiped away, but the moisture of some strangling anguish; for his face was white, and his voice, when he spoke, harsh and broken." Phrases like this exemplify the drawn out, dramatized tone of shilling shockers. Stevenson increases Mr. Hyde’s sketchiness, for example, by writing in a mysterious fog that appears every time Mr. Hyde is nearby. At the same time, however, the book is written rather "factually." The points of view are fairly objective. How can the book possibly do both of these things at the same time? Read it and find out.


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