Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

How did Stevenson foreshadow that Hyde would take over Jekyll?

I keep lookign back at the book but I must be missing the foreshadowing I underlined.. I know that when Hyde appears without the help of the potion, this is a big sign that he will take over Jekyll but I can't seem to remember anything else...

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Hey, there are a few ideas at play here. We know that early on (I think Ch 1) Jekyll had furnished his own apartment. Your evil double setting up their own flat is not a good sign! It pretty well means that Hyde is expecting to be around on a more permanent basis. Also, Hyde's conduct with the little girl in chapter 1 foreshadows that he is capable of doing much worse in the future. The fact that Jekyll's servants lock themselves away with increasing frequency also lets us know that Hyde is taking over. There are probably more but I hope this helps!