Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

HELP! Is the creation of Hyde an evil act? And why or why not?

I think I would go with no because Jekyll was not intending to be evil but I'm really not sure and I can't find any supporting evidence...

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Yes, I would agree with you. The intention was not evil. Dr. Jekyll wanted to see if he could isolate the darker side of man. He wanted to examine all the aspects of man's darker side that made him so effective. Traits like passion. drive and stamina fascinated Dr. Jekyll. Jekyll felt that he could finally have an outlet for all his pent up passion and aggression. A good place to go is the last chapter (chapter 10), "Henry Jekyll’s Full Statement of the Case”. Jekyll, in a letter, explains his motives pretty well.

I guess I need a bit more here. Jekyll did discover that his transformation got out of control isolating his dark side caused evil reproductions. The guy was mean to little girls! Dr. Jekyll tried to stem the change but to no avail. In the end he kills himself. So no, evil was not his intent.

thank you!