Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Fate of a character...[URGENT].


I love J&H, but I'm rather stumped with an essay question we were given:

"Choose a novel of which a main character is important in conveying a writer's theme.

Explain what you consider the theme to be, and how effective the fate of a character conveys it. (25 marks)".

I got that the theme is duality...but I just don't understand what it means by "how effective the fate of a character" conveys Duality. Jekyll's fate? I can't be Hyde as he's pure evil...do you know what I could write? :S

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Duality yes, but what happens to this duality? What is the effective fate of this dual character? I think that's the question you're asking. Jekyll and Hyde are one person; they are a dual person, but there's a reason Hyde has the freedom to separate what is good and evil in one person, and the fact that he is able to amplify that evil far beyond what is imaginable.

So what is the fate of the character? The character is the Doctor; his duality is born in chemical influences and experiments, much like the changes you see in a friend who begins using drugs. The drug alters the user for a period of time; if the user continues to use a personality change is inevitable simply because of the yearning to continue. Will your friend beat the dependence, or do they like the changes good or bad? So what is the fate of Dr. Jekyll? Does he give in to Hyde; does he lose himself to Hyde; or is there more to it than that?


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde