Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Establishing intrigue?!!!!!


omg i have 2 nights to write a 6 page essay on ..... how stevenson establishes intrigue and engages the reader ? i was away for most of the lesson and have no i dea

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Did you read the book? A lot of Jekyll and Hyde comes about through the "mystery"-like narration of the story. It isn't just a simple tale of the narrator telling us what is happening, but rather a detective story approach.

Even if you have already submitted Your coursework heres a few note if you have to make a neat version:

-Omniscient narrator: Narrator knows all and sees all makes the reader wonder what it is that they don't already know, keeps them reading

-Everything in doubles/ parallelism: Everything is either shown in twos or else uses parallelism (the same structure repeated) to emphasize the double nature of Hyde and Jekyll but the reader dosn't know about the reason for the couples until the last chapter, keeps them reading.

Hope this helps if any queries just write back.