Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Essay (Asian please read)

Thank you for the answer Asian, I am having a very rough time with a final essay for a college English class.. I know you probably do not do personal helping but I really need help on finishing this essay... If you could please email me at bmadore@students.stonehill.edu it would be so helpful... I am not trying to spam you or anything I am just really struggling and you seem to really know everything about this novella. I just need some concrete ideas and I have hit a serious writers block... Please please please!

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Hey, unfortunately I can't email you. I can answer specific questions about the text but essay writing help is a separate thing. If you have any more questions about the text I'd be happy to help.

That's fine, but could you possibly just give me some specific events where sleep plays a significant role. In my essay I have talked about how jekyll turns into hyde in his sleep but I can only milk that for so long... I have ran out of ideas

Hey, I don't have the book in front of me but a little Google sleuthing will help. Try "Utterson/ sleep" , "Jekyll Sleep".... and so on. You should be able to find info and specific points in the book. If you get a chapter you can go to the GradeSaver summary which will help.