Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde pls help!!

pls help!!!i need to do a presentation for this novel.And the titled is "The Character that I think is Detrmine".I don't have much problem doing this but I don't know the lessons that we learned.So I need lessons that we've learned from this novel!!PLS HELP ME!!!

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Much of this novel supports Psalms 51:1 in the Bible, and what some denominations of the Christian religion have interpreted as inherent wickedness or man's depravity.

Dr. Jekyll is a caring doctor; his alter ego has no conscience. What we're supposed to learn in reading the novel is that some of his traits (or some of both of their traits) are visible in all of us. Jekyll fought off evil doings for a long tome, and then he began to embrace them because he felt them enjoyable. How many times have you've done the right thing, and then turned around and done something else just because you were tired of being the nice guy?

What we learn in this novel is that there are consequences for everything, that enjoying depravity can take you into the abyss from which you'll never return, and that faith can help you to overcome anything.


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde