Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

dr Jekyll and mr hyde-pls help!!!!!!!!

Im trying desperatly to write an essay that has to be done by this evening the question is- how far do you agee that the formalist approach to reading jekyll and hyde is inadequete?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I also need to produce readings using other aproaches such as phscoanylitical aqpproach, structurist approch, marxist approach etc.

-problem is I dont fully understand formalist approach and cannot find my notes!

any help

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I do have the same problems, I dont even really understand the story

i hate the book and i'm gonna burn it when we're through with it.

i'm from germany so this so much ahrder for me. i hate formal texts and this is like the most formal text i've ever read.


OK - how's this for the pyschoanalytical approach:

In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the human was seen as a divided self. Freud’s image of the human is also of a divided self: of warring factions—ego, id, and superego.

I love this story and I always find it entertaining to see it through a Darwinian and Marxist lens. Around that time, Charles Darwin introduced his theory of evolution; The theory influenced the charactor development of Mr. Hyde a lot. It isn't as hard as a person would think to analyze and find Darwin in the story. And Marxist is all about social class and being in a position of power and Hyde despite his savageness and uncivilized (anti-bourgeoisie) manner threatens the upper class of lawyer's and men of high stature's belief of deserved wealth. Which cause a controversy in Mr. Utterson.

Mr.Hyde is Dr.Jekyll.Is that what you are asking?