Doctor Faustus (Marlowe)

what are the plots of Doctor faustus's play ?

the main plot and the sub-plot of Faustus's play.

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Faustus thinks he is really a smarty pants. Apparently having exhausted all that there is to know in Academia, he makes a pact with Lucifer through his Massinger Mephistopheles. The deal gives Faustus 24 years of earth life under Mephistopheles as his guide in exchange for his soul. Faustus wishes to know all nature of things in the universe. Mephistopheles answers (save for who created the universe?). The rest of the sub-plots involve Faustus using his new book of magic to play pranks on the Pope or make antlers grow out of a knight's head. Faust pretty much squanders his time performing tricks and partaking in earthly delights. The ending ties in with the initial plot conflict. The devil wants his payment.