John Donne: Poems

use of conceits in donnes poems

especilly in the poem canoniztion and the sun rising

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John Donne used metaphysical conceits in order to express his ideas. His purpose was to make his reader think, and because many of the people he was trying to reach were illiterate, the conceits were able to give them an understanding they wouldn't otherwise have attained. Metaphysical conceits simplified the message and broadened the audience.

In Sun Rising, Donne uses conceits to show the strength of the two lovers......

In the Canonization, Donne sets the love he speaks of on a completely different plane..... it becomes almost otherworldly; it's separate and detached from the traditional love we envision.

"Alas, alas, who’s injured by my love?

What merchant ships have my sighs drowned?

Who says my tears have overflowed his ground?"

Donne's words mock cliche and challenge it.