John Donne: Poems

The use of imagery in donne's poetry is more argumentative than it decorative

Argumentative imagery in Donne's Poem

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Which poem? A Valediction Forbidding Mourning - there is a huge amount of imagery here, but it is all used to convince his wife not to mourn while he is away from her. Every reference, to sublunar lovers, to gold that stretches but never breaks, the image of the compass in which she is the fixed foot and he is the moving foot, all point to his telling her that their love will endure and that she has nothing to worry about while he is gone. That is, indeed, argumentative.

John donne is one of the most important poet of metaphysical poetry , the metaphysical poetry relies on using strange conceits, paradox and an argumentative imagery. Most of donne's poems were written in the metaphysical age , so they follow the style of the metaphysical poem . this is only what I think .