Don Quixote Book I

need help with the book district six buckingham palace

queations i might get asked in the exam about it and how to answer them

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Buckingham Palace, District Six is a novel by Richard Rive, unassociated with Don Quixote. District Six is in Cape Town, South Africa. Some questions might include:

What is "Buckingham Palace"? It is the row of five cottages upon which the story is centered.

What happened to the resident of District Six? The interracial growth of the area forced the black residents out due to the government "whites only" apartheid laws of the 1970s.

What is life in Distict Six like? There is much crime in District Six including prostitution and thievery. The houses are uncared for, the residents drink and gamble.

What happened to Buckingham Palace? The landlord dies and his son sells it to the government. The government bulldozes the homes down.

Why is this novel so important? It tells the tale of apartheid and racism and how thousands of people were forced out of their homes due to the color of their skin.

Hope this helps you.