Don Quixote Book I

how is don quixote virtuous?

what makes him virtuous?

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Virtue: A medieval knight has to prove his virtue, specifically his purity of heart and purpose, time and time again during his journey. This purity of heart will give the knight fame and respect back at home. But most importantly, it will make it easier for him to find spiritual fulfillment. In the romance Queste del Saint Graal, we learn of Sir Galahad, the perfect knight. His perfection lies in his perfect morality and physical virginity, two Christian values. It is his perfection in virtue that allows him to find the Holy Grail and soon after die in ecstasy. No other knight had ever or will ever achieve this accomplishment in medieval literature. Don Quixote personifies the tenants off chivalry and romantic virtue. In many cases he has illusions of grander that turn the ordinary into a sweeping epic of knightly devotion and honour.