Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Character List

Bill Barbour

Bill Barbour is Rick Deckard's neighbor. Rick Deckard envies Barbour, because Barbour has a real horse of a rare breed, while Deckard only has an electric sheep. Deckard confides in Barbour that he his sheep is in fact electric, but Barbour promises not to tell anyone else about the secret.

Irmgard Baty

Irmgard Baty is one of the group of Nexus-6 androids which traveled together from Mars on the spaceship. Irmgard is perfectly aware of her identity as an android, and part of her cover identity is to be married to Roy Baty.

Roy Baty

Roy Baty is one of the Nexus-6 androids that escaped from Mars and that Rick is attempting to destroy. Roy represents the shadow double of Rick Deckard, a character who displays some of the same traits and motivations. Yet these motivations put him in direct conflict with the character he shadows.

Harry Bryant

Harry Bryant is Rick Deckard's boss at the San Francisco Police Department. He gives the orders to kill the Nexus-6 androids.

Iran Deckard

Iran Deckard is Rick's wife. She is the most consistently empathetic character in the novel. She is able to allow herself to go into a depression and sadness with others over the state of humanity and is able to find the empathy necessary to care for an electric toad at the end of the novel.

Rick Deckard

Rick Deckard is the novel's protagonist. He is a bounty hunter with the San Francisco Police Department. Rick begins the novel as a selfish, self-involved cop who sees no value in android life. By the end of the novel, his experiences have caused him to develop empathy towards androids and all things that represent living things.

Buster Friendly

Buster Friendly is a television and radio personality that broadcasts for most of the day and night. Buster is really an android used by the Rosen Association to create and tear down an alternate media reality for the citizens of earth. Buster breaks the news that Mercerism is a false religion.


Garland is an inspector with the shadow android police department. He interrogates Deckard and reveals that this police agency has been set up to monitor the activity of humans. He is killed by Phil Resch.

Dave Holden

Dave Holden is a bounty hunter with the police department who is seriously injured by the android Polokov. His injury opens the door for Rick to be the department's lead bounty hunter.

John R. Isidore

John R. Isidore is one of the novel's supporting protagonists. He is a "chickenhead" who works a menial job. He represents the innate altruism of humanity. He attempts to befriend Pris Stratton and the Baty's and to protect them from the bounty hunters. His faith in humanity is shaken after the androids torture a spider and when Buster Friendly announces the Mercerism is a false religion.

Max Polokov

Polokov is one of the Nexus-6 androids that Rick Deckard is attempting to kill. Polokov injured Dave Holden and almost kills Rick Deckard by posing as a cop, but Rick kills him first.

Luba Luft

Luba Luft is a Nexus-6 android posing as an opera singer with the San Francisco Opera. Rick attempts to test her, but she is able to have him arrested by the android police department. After finding her again, Phil Resch kills her causing Rick to doubt his ability to kill any more androids.

Wilbur Mercer

Wilbur Mercer is the messianic figure of Mercerism, a religion that encourages fusion with other humans in order to share in suffering and persecution. By fusing with Mercer, humanity is able to draw on the power of the collective in order to survive.

Phil Resch

Phil Resch is a bounty hunter first working for the shadow android police department. Rick believes him to be an android after he finds that Phil enjoys killing things, but learns that he is in fact human. This causes Rick to doubt everything that he had previously believed about human empathy.

Eldon Rosen

Eldon Rosen is part of the Rosen Association. He allows Rick to perform a Voigt-Kampff test on Rachael Rosen and then attempts to trick him into thinking the test results were wrong and that Rachael was not actually an android.

Rachael Rosen

Rachael Rosen is an android and a member of the Rosen Association. Rick calls on her to help him retire the Nexus-6 androids and Rachael sleeps with Rick in order to illicit empathy for her so that he will not be able to retire the androids. Displeased with her inability to stop Rick, she kills his goat in an attempt to ruin him.

Hannibal Sloat

Hannibal Sloat is John Isidore's boss at the mechanical animal repair shop. Sloat forces Isidore to call the owner of a dead cat in order to tell her that her animal is dead.

Pris Stratton

Pris Stratton is an android that John Isidore befriends. Pris looks exactly like Rachael Rosen and was a part of the Nexus-6 group in order to distract Rick from his job of killing the other androids.