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Does anyone know why the crime rates in South Africa went up so much after apartheid ended? wouldn't the expectation be that they would decline?

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I think it largely had to do with the sudden shift in social structure. Under apartheid, as awful as it was, there was a strict justice system in place to enforce the laws and keep society peaceful. Remember that the whites in charge were terrified of an uprising, so keeping the peace was essential to keep them in power.

After apartheid ended there was much less need to enforce the peace, so police and military forces were likely downsized.

Does anyone from South Africa have more information on this?

completely aout the tjheory of posjono

rape is a daily occurance as is violent brake ins and robberies, we have become desensitized, i myself dont watch the news and i dont read the newspapers. we live in cages, the police are understaffed and often in league with the criminals, our justice system is an utter joke. apartheid still gets blamed for everything, 16 years down the road still. our military are not like those in america, we know they exist, we dont know what they do however. if you want to know what goes in south africa, go to news24.com, or www.beeld.co.za

The crime rates increases because now people had a lot of freedom and we all know what too much freedom can do. Blacks of then, I assume, thought that they could do whatever they wanted to avenge the ones they lost and as a result crime rates rised. Again I would imagen that since they were still bitter and some still are even to date, they wanted to make the whites somehow suffer in the case of Coetzee's book