Question 1

  1. The shame and disgrace that humans go through is symbolized in the story by:

    the dogs

    the college

    the farm

    the gun

10 points

Question 2

  1. The sexual relationships David Lurie has display his

    love of women

    failure with intimacy

    dislike of sex

    ability to connect

10 points

Question 3

  1. Considering David Lurie as representative of old South Africa, and Lucy symbolizing a new post-apartheid South Africa is analyzing the novel as:

    an allegory

    a fable

    a satire

    a farce

10 points

Question 4

  1. David Lurie admires and even somewhat resembles which nineteenth century poet?





10 points

Question 5

  1. Which word best fits the theme of Disgrace?





10 points

Question 6

  1. Disgrace is written in which point of view?

    Third person omniscient

    First person

    Third person limited

    Third person objective

10 points

Question 7

  1. Post-apartheid South Africa is

    a character

    a metaphor

    the setting

    the theme

10 points

Question 8

  1. Lurie uses slippery language and claims it is not rape when he describes his experience with:

    Soraya, the prostitute

    Melanie, the student

    Desiree, the sister

    Bev, who runs the animal shelter

10 points

Question 9

  1. In the novel, Disgrace, David Lurie is:

    the antagonist

    the protagonist

    a supporting character

    a metaphor

10 points

Question 10

  1. The apology David Lurie presents to the Isaac family can be seen as a display of:

    hypocrisy: nothing has changed with David Lurie, nor South Africa.

    hope: if Lurie can be truly sorry, there is also hope for South Africa.

    manipulation: Lurie just wants his job back, and he figures an apology will work.

    despair: there is no hope for either Lurie or South Africa

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1) the dogs

Please post your questions separately.

1.the Dogs


3. An allegory



6.third person limited

7.the theme