describe some of the masculinities portrayed in disgrace by j m coetzee

describe the masculinities shown in disgrace

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Disgrace Theme of Men and Masculinity

What is it, exactly, that makes a man a man? This is a complex question that lies at the heart of Disgrace. On one hand, masculinity can be characterized as one specific side of the gender coin. You've got masculinity and you've got femininity, characteristics of the male and the female. But masculinity isn't just about gender alone; it's also about how gender affects one's actions, identity, and attitudes. In Disgrace, Coetzee pushes us to look at some of the more complicated issues that spring from masculinity, particularly through the ways male characters treat women. When Petrus says that he wants his firstborn to be a boy, he explains that boys should show girls the proper way to behave. This shows us an ingrained attitude about masculinity in opposition to femininity. We can look at the three intruders' rape of Lucy as an example of how masculinity can be used as a means of suppressing femininity. In a book that pays close attention to the sexual dynamics between men and women, it's not surprising that questions of gender roles come hurtling to the forefront.