Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Is Rodrick a good drummer? What do you think? Based on the film?


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Yes, Rodrick is a good drummer, and even plays in his own band.

Not sure about the film, but the heavy metal concerts that he is a part of show limited range and ask little of him musically. Since his prime "gig" is to rebel against his parents and to be antagonistic and harrassing, it would seem reasonable (besides the fact that he has few academic skills) that drumming is not much of a skill.

Both of your explanations are a hit.

Rodrick is a really good drummer, plus, he even has a new guitarist: Bill Walter. He is really weird, but he does have nice taste.


Diary of a wimpy kid


Yeah... He's great.

Rodrick is a very good drummer. He has his own band.

Yeah. He's good.