Diary of a Wimpy Kid

How come Rodrick pulled a piece of paper out of the trash and give it to Susan?

It was the mother and son dance. Why?

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Mother-Son dance made Greg embarrassed cause he had to say sorry to Rowley he was a jerk

Yes, Anthony: Rodrick pulled out a crumpled pink paper addressing to the mother-son dance coming up. Rowley was going to be there, but in the movie, when greg said hi do you want to get ice-cream after?, Rowley's "other best friend" came up behind him and said that they had plans. Turns out, they already got ice-cream.

Greg went back to the table his mom was sitting at and she said, "Well?" Greg shook his head. Susan Heffley said, "Oh honey I'm sorry." This tells you that Greg was embarassed about the whole thing because he saw Rowley. Then a song came up and Rowley got into the spotlight.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid


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