Democracy in America

What is the difference between democracy and aristocracy as this difference is understood by Tocqueville?

is there any related chapter has mentioned this?

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The relations between servant and master are very different in a democracy than in an aristocracy because the only difference between them is based on a temporary and freely made contract. The bonds between master and servant are also looser in democracies than in aristocracies. 

n the United States the common people generally have more good qualities than the rulers. The level of intelligence of a society as a whole is limited by the amount of leisure that the people have. Because the lower classes have little leisure they often lack the education to discern who will be the best person to rule in their interests. In addition, the people may not always want to elect the person with the highest merit, because, with their dominant passion for equality, superiority annoys them. The Americans do not hate the higher classes, but simply keep them from power. At the same time, men of distinction of repelled from political power because they feel cheapened by being up for election.