Democracy in America

Rhetorical Devices

I am Trying to write an essay on Alexis Tranuevill's "Democracy in America." I need help to find the rhetorcial devices through out the book. Any Ideas?? 

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Rhetorical devices are things such as rhetorical questions (these are pretty obvious to spot in most texts since it is likely to be any sentence not in dialogue that ends with a quesiton mark), persuasive language, hyperbole, etc. are all examples. Look for emotive language that appears biased in some way, as this is ususally a good indicator of a rhetoric device. For instance; 'Do you like the way critics often butcher Democracy in America?' By forcing a reader to think about their own opinion on a question, it becomes a rhetoric device that is trying to sway that opinion. The use of hyperbolic language (butcher) helps to make this stand out as something you may not to agree with, and so succeeds in influencing the reader's opinion.