Democracy in America

American Democracy

Where was de Toqueville's analysis incomplete?

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Tocqueville journeyed throughout America compiling a political and cultural analysis of American democracy. It continues to be one of the most influential works in political thought-- from the place it originated in his own experiences between 1831 and 1832.

Tocqueville recorded in detail the things he saw, the people he talked with, the things he read and overheard. It was all of these things that became his analysis of our nation's essential nature and probable destiny. What he saw then has since disappeared; the young country has been maturing and growing up. His analysis was incomplete only on the premise that his vision didn't allow him to see the speed with which the world would change; America along with it. I believe that for the time, his analysis was quite complete; he was a brilliant man.......... his observations were made with utmost detail, but the changes wrought........... especially those in technology would change the world immeasurably. America was at the forefront of those changes, and maybe, he didn't see that this very young country would charge full steam ahead leaving the rest of the world to marvel at what we've achieved.


Democracy in America