Even though Sinclair is innocent of the crime, why does he believe he has sinned?

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Sinclair believes he has sinned because he's rejected Chrisitanity and given into a life based upon desire and self-gratification.

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Andrew refrained from making any sarcastic or even mildly remonstrative remarks. He just smiled and changed the subject. I take back what I thought about him having no sensitivity. In his own way he could be very perceptive, just not to nuances of power. "So have you been in touch with any of your classmates?" he asked. We spend a pleasant half hour talking about people we knew in common, some of whom had gone on to get top jobs; others like both Andrew and myself had been less fortunate. The waiter brought the menu and leered at my cleavage. I would like to have chosen a beef kebab, but in deference to Andrew, who was after all paying for the meal, I chose a vegetarian option. It went through my mind that a strict vegetarian like Andrew would not like the smell of meat on someone he is kissing. I waited for Andrew to order wine, but it never came. Whatever he had in mind for me, it appeared seduction was not part of it. If there was any seducing to be done I would be the one initiating it. Just as I thought of this, Andrew's phone rang. "I'd better take this," he said, looking at the number display on his antiquated device. "It's Stonkins, calling me back. Probably to say I haven't got the job." Andrew put his mobile on speaker phone so I could hear. It was the woman, Jenny, who was talking. "We have been discussing the role, and we can't make up our mind between you and another candidate. We wondered if you might be able to come in again tomorrow to meet our chief executive, so he can make the final decision. We will of course pay for your accommodation in Opotane to make up for the inconvenience." I gave a toothy grin and signalled the thumbs up sign. If they were still interested in Andrew after his disastrous performance with the balding man in the suit, then he was in with a good chance. Jenny at least seemed to be backing him up.