Death of a Salesman

why was willy dissatisfied with his son biff

death of a salesman

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Willy thought that Biff would accomplish great things, not to mention that he was the favorite son. Unfortunately, Biff chose to go his own way, and Willy was dissatisfied with the way he was living his life. Unfortunately, Willy needs to take some credit for the way it all turned out. His son was a great football player, but he was also a lazy student. His father put all of his emphasis on his son's athletic ability, but althought his athletic ability would afford him a scholarship...... his grades in math would keep him out of college. Then he caught his dad cheating on mom, and that was the end of it.

Biff is one of my favorite characters, but he can't keep a job, and he doesn't really care. He simply wants to be happy; he wants to be loved, and he wants these things without all of the extras. he wants a simple life.


Death of a Salesman