Death of a Salesman

Why was Linda in a mad rage when Biff and Happy returned home? How did Happy and Biff respond to this?

Death of Salesman is about a man, Willy Loman who is a salesman. Biff and Happy finally come home and Linda is in a rage, how did the men react?

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At home, Linda yells at Biff and Happy for abandoning their father. When Willy comes home, Biff confronts him and forthrightly tells Willy that he should accept him for who he really is, a bum. The two of them erupt in anger and argue. At the end Biff is sobbing, which touches Willy. After everyone else goes to bed, Willy talks to imaginary Ben about whether to accept a $20,000 proposition. He goes outside, speeds away in his car, and kills himself in a crash. Willy killed himself so that Biff would get $20,000 in insurance money.


Death of a salesman