Death of a Salesman

where do lomans live

which state of america

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Lomans live in New York, New York state.

Yes, they live in the heart of New York City. It is also notable that their tiny house is located between huge skyscrapers, which is a symbol of the isolation that Willy feels and the notion that he is trapped.

Are you kidding? Reead the play!

They live in new York state. They never really specifically say where but as willy says as he returns home after one of his business trips he only got as far as yonkers. Befoe he could go any further he crashed his car and could not go any further.So one can assume that they live within the city limits of new York city.

The lomans live in Brooklyn, not new york city

Read the play more carefully, The lomans do not live in new york, new york which is orginally named Manhattan. Brooklyn, one of the borough of New York . Willy the father worked in the New England area, he ran off the road in Yonkers going back home.