Death of a Salesman

What is the climax of this play?

I want to know what the climax of the play is, I am having a difficult time firguring out. Thanks.

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The climax of the play takes place at the Chop House after Willy is fired from his job. When the boys attempt to tell Willy about their failed bid to finance their business, Willy takes it as an insult to himself and becomes defensive. He launches into a tirade and begins to blame his son for past disappointments and memories of what happened in the hotel room in Boston when Biff caught his father with a prostitute. Willy has lost it, and the boys attempt to pick up the pieces and calm him down. Afterward, a confused Willy retreats to the men's room, prompting his son's to leave the restaurant and their father, as quickly as possible.


Death of a Salesman