Death of a Salesman

linda is presented as an unreal character,do you agree?

death of a salesman

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I find her completely realistic. She may not be a "real" character for students growing up in 2012, but she is certainly real to anyone born before 1980....... or even later.

She dotes on her husband (many women do this), she refuses to see past his lies and call him on them (how many spouses have done this to keep a marriage together?), and she is completely naive. Naivity isn't always a bad thing, but it is something that was commen in the days before women in the workforce was considered a no brainer.

Linda doesn't know everything, and quite frankly..... she doesn't want to. She doesn't pay the bills, she doesn't have a job, and she's completely comfortable without knowing the extent of the money problems....... as long as those problems don't affect the bubble she lives in. Money and things make her happy, her children and their accomplishments make her happy. She likes being home, taking care of that home, and just being a wife. This may not be real to students today, but it was certainly a reality when I was your age.