Death of a Salesman

In the Death of a Salesman what does Biff do that elates Willy? How does Happy try to attract Willy's attention? How does Ben influence Willy at this point?

I have no details for you. oh wait act II

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Biff want to open a sporting goods store, this elates his father, as Willy has always had high hopes for his son.

Happy tries to get Willy's attention (as well as his mother's) by announcing, "I've lost weight" and "I'm getting married, Mom. I wanted to tell you."

Ben had always deterred Willy from hurting himself, from killing himself in despair. At this point in the story, Ben takes a different stance on suicide, and although he never comes straight out and advises it....... he definitely alludes to it being an option if he wants to leave his son a legacy.


Death of a Salesman