Death of a Salesman

i need some help

how would you sum up Biff and Happy's frustration in life? What do each of them want that they do not have? How have each of the responded to their frustrations?

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Biff and Happy are both unable to live up to their father's expectations of them, as he is unable to live up to the expectations he has for himself. Happy has tried, as the second son, to gain attention any time the focus is on Biff. He raises the issues that he has lost weight, or is getting married, monopolise his parents' attention. it does not work. As a result Happy takes what is not his in the form of other mens' girlfriends.

Biff never really recovered from finding that his father was unfaithful whilst on the road, and he struggled to make a future for himself without a hero to look up to. He steals compulsively whixh could be a comment on the rash consumerism which surrounds the Lomans, or which could indicate a mental instability inherited from his tortured father.