Death of a Salesman


What is "expressionistic" about the set?

What is the symbolic function of Willy's job as a salesman?

What is the function of the flute music?

What is the relationship of each son with Willy?

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what is the main function of a salesman?

1. What's expressionistic about the set is that they are 'surrounded' by the apartment houses and this shows how Willy is trapped in his false dreams. That he can never get out of them.

2. The symbolic function of Willy's job as a salesman is that he is shown as an ordinary man.

3. The flute music is a sign of nostalgia; the memories of the times when Willy wasn't unstable as he is in the present day.

4. Willy refers to both of his sons as Adonises. As Gods, but they nowhere live life as Gods.

Willy still has high hopes for Biff, he admires him and believes that somehow he will make it. In his youth Biff had all the love in the world for Willy, '- just for you. I'm going to breakthrough for a touchdown' (Act I). But this all changed as Biff went up to Boston to talk to his father that he had failed math and discovered his affair with The Woman and found that Willy was giving the woman '2 boxes of size nine sheers' (Act II).

We do not really see as much affection for Biff as Willy does for Happy. Happy in the past kind of lives in the shadow of his over popular brother. He has to repeat himself to get noticed saying ;I'm losing weight, you notice Pop' this is repeated several times when Willy has a flashback. In the future Happy doesnt seem fully commited to looking after Willy as seen in the Frank Chop House scene (act II) that when given the opportunity to be with women, everything has to stop, so he leaves his father babbling in the toilet.

Hope that helps.

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